Prague Street Art


Distance from Prague: 0km
Duration: 4 hrs
Min: 1 persons
Max: 15 persons
Price: 3500czk/ €140

In Man Hanging Out (1996), Černý depicts psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud suspended by one hand from a pole high above the ground. Freud was born in Freiburg, now part of the Moravian region of the Czech Republic. Freud is credited with having completed his most creative work in his 40’s, when he was suffering from psychosomatic illnesses and a number of phobias including the exaggerated fear of dying. At the age of 83 and suffering from mouth cancer, Freud called upon his personal doctor and his long-time friend Max Schur to assist in his suicide by helping to administer doses of morphine.

Learn more about this and other pieces of art hidden in Prague streets with a curator as your guide.Covers the City of Prague curator/ guide for the whole group. Excluding entry fees and refreshment on the way.