Prague Airport

Do you know how fast a fire engine has to go to reach a plane on fire? Would you like to try a physical test at Prague Airport firemen department to see whether you are up for the job? Will you understand the code language on the runway, and get in the ONLY FOR STAFF part of the airport?
Prague airport dispatches around 12 million passengers every year and connects them to more than 130 destinations by direct flights all over the world.


from Prague: 12km
Duration: ½ day
Min: 10 persons; Max: 48 persons
Price: 950czk/ €38

Prague Airport Tour:

The tour of the airport, with a veteran pilot as your guide, will take you to the inner parts of the airport and help you to understand the logistics and operations hidden beyond the passenger’s view.
We visit the fire department placed close to runway B, admire their car park and training centre with the possibility of challenging yourself. We’ll see the hangars and our guide will explain aircraft maintenance, the way catering works and why falconry is still important to keep the airport bird-free.
On our bus tour, we’ll pass the executive part of the airport to sneak a look at the means of transport of those who can afford to avoid airport traffic jams in their own planes. As this is clearly not our case, count on 40 – 50 minutes on the bus back to the centre.

Did you know that…

• Prague airport was renamed after the Czech Republic’s first democratic president Vaclav Havel in 2012, not even a year after he passed away. Havel himself hated flying.
• You can currently buy the airport. The Czech government’s calling price is CZK100 billion, or €4 billion in February 2013.
• The airport runs 5 bee houses in its southern part. This bio-diversity monitoring project conveyed by many airports in the world brings the airport’s bee-keepers a sweet reward of 50kg of honey every year.