Stechovice Hydroelectric Power Plant

How does a hydroelectric power plant work? Are you interested in renewable resources? Stechovice is the nearest and one of the smallest hydroelectric power plants in the vicinity of Prague where you can get answers to these and many other questions. Built during the 2nd WW and restored after the floods in 2002, Stechovice hydroelectric power plant boasts with 22MW output energy supplying the distribution system with cheap electricity during the peak hours. Thus plan the tour accordingly to experience it in gear!
Stechovice Hydroelectric Power Plant


Distance from Prague: 12km
Duration: ½ day
Min: 10 persons; Max: 48 persons
Price: 1400czk/ €56

Description of the tour to Stechovice Hydroelectric Power Plant:

We take the bus to Stechovice (about 40min) and see a movie on electricity production (English, German, Czech) and a documentary on the 500 years water that over-flooded Prague in 2002 (only Czech). Our guide, a veteran employee of CEZ, the Czech Energy company will show us around in the hydroelectric power plant giving us a step by step introduction to hydro-energy, the difference between Francis and Kaplan turbines generating the electricity, and what happens when a flood takes it all away. Stechovice is one of smallest hydroelectric power plants on the river Vltava though it servers as the central control point over all the hydroelectric power plants on the river, also called the “Vltava cascade”.
Hydro-energy comprises about 5% of all energy consumed in the Czech republic. There are currently 20 hydroelectric power plants generating 48 MW in the country.

Did you know that…

• T.A. Edison built one of the first hydroelectric power plants at the bottom of Niagara Falls already in 1882.
• The only hydroelectric power plant in Prague still in operation originates from 1913, and you will find it on Stvanice island. It has an output of 1,42MW and is a part of the public electrical network.
• Water energy consists of as much as 92% of all renewable resources as for today.