Cesky Krumlov

Have you been to Prague?, would be the first question to someone returning from the Czech republic. Have you been to Cesky Krumlov? – would usually come second.
This UNESCO heritage pearl hidden 2 1/2 hrs drive from Prague has almost everything the capital has to offer condensed in a much smaller historical centre. Cesky Krumlov castle is the second largest in the Czech republic, just after Prague Castle.
Let yourself carry away in the pictoresque centre of this mystical town. Visit Egon Schiele Gallery. See the unique baroque theatre at the Castle.

Cesky Krumlov pano


from Prague: 170km
Duration: 1 day
Min participants: 4+
Price: 1600czk/ €64

Includes 90min walking tour in Cesky Krumlov town, en English speaking guide/driver during the whole tour

Tour Description

Cesky Krumlov is some 170km away from Prague, and an early departure is critical to get as much of the day as possible. We’ll arrive ideally before the tour busses arrive and take you on a 90 min walking tour to show you in and outs of this beautiful town. We zig-zag the historic centre passing the St.Vitus Church, Schiele Centre, Eggenberg brewery, ending up the tour at Cesky Krumlov Castle. Your guide will help you get on one of the 3 guided tours, including the Baroq Theatre, or follow you back to town, if you prefer to take a closer look on the historical sites on your own, or just feel like wandering up and down the crooked streets of Krumlov. We leave back to Prague after the last busses left.

Cesky Krumlov Highlights

– Czech republic second largest castle with its unique Baroque Theatre.
– Latran. The pedestrian hub with a wooden bridge crossing the Vltava river.
– Egon Schiele modern art gallery.
– Satlava medevial pub. Enjoy the traditional (meaty) Czech cuisine prepared on an open fire.
– Canoe trip on the Vltava river.