Tram Dispatching Centre

Prague Tram network counts more than 180km of rail with more than 30 tram routs zig-zagging it 24/7.
Get the feel of a dispatcher daily routine keeping more than 300 trains on track, dealing with delays and accidents while having an answear to whatever the tram conducters might need to ask. On a six-headed 12hrs shifts all problems are dealt with in real time using the Police CCTVs and the Prague Transportation Company(DPP) rescue vehicels always in circulation. Tram Dispatching is on a red line with Bus Dispatching and together have to report to the Central Dispatching, an umbrella for all the public transport in Prague.


from Prague: 0km
Duration: 1 hour
Min: 4 persons; Max: 18 persons
Price: 700czk/ €28

>>Including guide. Excl. tram tickets.

Visit Tram Dispatching centre:

We take to Prague Public Transport (DPP) Headquarters at I.P.Pavlova. The whole visit takes about 40min including the security check. We’ll be introduced to the dispatching tasks by one of the employees on duty, and will be free to watch the 6 dispatchers fullfil them. You will learn to understand how an extraordinary situation is being dealt with until it’s solved. We don’t have to be lucky to experience one within our visit, as Prague with its 900 trams, 1600 busses and 780 thousand cars keep the dispatchers busy at all times.

Did you know that…

• The Prague Transportation Company (DPP) has more than 10 thousand employees, and unlike other places in Europe, the job is well paid and asked for.
• The dispatchers registered 1450 “extraordinary situations on rail” which need to be reported.
• DPP collected more than 4 billion Czech crowns (more than €150 million) in ticket sale in 2015. This however is only about a third of the total expenses of the company that rely heavily on subsidies.