Temelin Nuclear Power Plant

Temelin is the bigger of the two nuclear power plants we have in the country. Situated on the boarder with Austria, Temelin Nuclear Power Plant caused a lots of transboarder discussions and activists from both sides of the boarder have been waging a war against it. As of today, Temelin Nuclear Power Plant stands for 20% of the total energy consumption in the Czech republic. This makes it currently an irreplacable source of energy given the low number of renewable energy sources in the country.

Temelin Nuclear Power Plant


from Prague: 134km
Duration: FULL day
Min: 8 persons
Max: 32 persons
Price: 2000czk/ €80

>> Includes bus, guide, an introduction to nuclear energy production, tour through the power plant, lunch incl. drink in Budweiser/Budvar Brewery

Excursion to Temelin Nuclear Power Plant

An hour and half drive from Prague, a few kilometres from the Austrian boarder, we start our tour in the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant information centre. Be prepared for a lots of information on nuclear energy both in 2 and 3D. You will get to see the unique Cloud chamber displaying all different types of radiations, reactor simulator, and 3D glasses to enjoy the nuclear fission as if you were part of it. The construction of Temelin Nuclear Power Plant started in 1987 and has been scrutinized for its safety even before it was set to operation 10 years delayed in 2002. Temelin guides are proud to show the stern security measures at the site as well as to highlight the environmental aspects of the nuclear energy production. Feel free to ask along the way, if you have doubts.
Security measures apply to the visitors as well, so remember, to bring your passport with you, and be aware that every 8th person will be tested for alcohol by entering the plant. The group may be denied entry based on only one positive result of the test, so stay clean!

Did you know…

  • • Temelin power plant has two production blocs comprising of the turbine and generator with output of 1000MW each
  • • Two more bloks are to be build, but the tender was nullified after a Russian company wan the bid. The estimated expenses for the 2 new bloks are set to 500 billion CZK (around €18 billion)
  • • Temelin was built as a mixture of Soviet and US technologies, which many still worry about. This is already the case of the Finnish nuclear power plant in Loviisa.