SKODA car factory

Experience the fuzz and buzz of the third oldest car factory in the world. We start in the Skoda museum admiring the historical models of Skoda before we take you to the factory itself to see the assembley hall and the press shop.There will be time for a snack or warm lunch before heading back to Prague.



from Prague: 62km
Duration: 8.30 -13.30 (5 hrs)
Min: 2 persons
Price: 2000czk/€85

Includes bus, guide, tour of the museum and the factory

… more about Skoda auto

The oldest car manufacturer in the Volkswagen group and the biggest in the Czech Republic, Skoda Auto is undoubtedly the most powerful engine of the Czech national economy. Last year alone, Skoda Auto produced more than 1 million cars for the first time and is geared up to become one of the 5 most sold cars by 2030 worldwide. Founded in 1895 by Laurin and Klement and 5 employees as a bicycle workshop, Skoda is today the nation’s biggest exporter, and with more than 30 thousand employees, also the country’s second biggest and most favoured employer. Skoda today ranks in the super-league of the automotive industry thanks to its association with the VW group since 1991.


Did you know that…

Laurin and Klement produced one of the most successful rally cars before WWI, winning 5 consecutive trophies between 1910 – 1914 in the prestigious 3000km long Alpine Ride.
In the company’s first race in 1901, Narcis Podsednicek, a worker, designer, foreman and car racer, left an unforgettable mark in the history of the race as he was even faster than the timekeepers! When he arrived at the finish line at 3am, nobody was waiting for him, and so he decided to have his time registered by a police constable, and not by authorized race officials, for which he was then disqualified.
In the aftermath of the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968, all development was frozen in Skoda factories so as not to threaten the slightly backwards LADA and Moskvich production in Russia.